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Brand and Strength

Development of China's imported products --- With the development of the economy, people's demand for imported consumer goods continues to grow.


Established in 1997,  headquartered in Shenzhen. Jiade New International Supply Chain established its official brand logo with the image of the earth,which means bringing the global good products to the domestic consumers. We are working on the global supply chain to enter into a new consumption times.


While looking into the future, Jiade New International Supply Chain is full of confidence, by carrying on its philosophy of “better life together”, showing concern for thousands of households, and working with the social public to change the live and make innovations.

Through continuous optimization and development, it insists on providing excellent, convenient, fresh, cheap, complete and considerate services to the public, so as to bring a comfortable, plentiful, modern and healthy lifestyle.
Jiade New International Supply Chain will be devoted to making itself an excellent retail enterprise that can improve the life quality for the public.

To creat a Quaternary marketing tool,  and build the largest mains tream marketing  platform of consumer goods in China, facilitate the brands to master consumers mind and advance the actual shelf sales on the terminal.