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About Us


Shenzhen Jiade New International Supply Chain Co.,Ltd is a subsidiary company of MAYU Technology Group Co., Ltd., founded in 2002 and focused on importing and exporting trade over 16 years.

We not only provide Chinese wholesalers and distributors with highest quality products worldwide, but also the services for brand operation and brand maintenance. We import from 68 countries: USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Korea, Japan, Canada, Switzerland, Chile, Australia and South Africa etc.

Enrich import experience, professional ability and good reputation have won the trust of many large companies. Working closely with Eternal Asia, which is China's largest supply chain company, providing excellent services and commodities to key partners such as China Resources Vanguard and China Wal-Mart.



The Future

We sincerely hope to cooperate with global manufacturers and brands to promote the world's economic exchanges, provide people with better products and live a better life! Let us create a better future!

Choose to work with us and you will easily have the largest market in the world! Then look for a picture of the kind of person from the United Nations around the world, put it below.